sO mINe* is sImONe

Nature is my home.
My room a wildflower garden.
My mother is the sun, my father the moon.
I am a child of the wilderness, of freedom, natural beauty, dusk and dawn – a wild flower – that’s me!

Since she was a little girl Simone lived that kind of life. Her eyes and heart open for nature’s beauty. She always remembers the gifts mother nature makes us every day and every moment.
For her it is not just fashion! It is passion! It is love… for comfort, for beautiful and natural textures, soft sun bleached colors and feathers! One of the most light and beautiful things you can find in nature.

More than 6 years ago Simone started sO mINe*. sO mINe* means you feel touched by the dresses: “it’s so mine!”
Clothes to live a life with!

Inspired by nature, Native Americans, cowgirls, nomads or just by going outside with her dogs or feeding her sheep, Simone expresses her ideas in her studio in Aachen, Germany and in Bali, Indonesia with her team.
She shares her inspiration and bits of her daily life on her blog and social media as Instagram!