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Prosthetic Gait

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Understanding how Powered Componentry Impacts Prosthetic Gait with a Transfemoral Prosthesis

IRB Protocol Number STU00217960



The objective of this study is to understand how using a new powered prosthetic knee and/or ankle affects how people walk with a prosthesis.

Participants in this study will:

  • Attend multiple study visits at the Shirley Ryan 香港六合彩即时开奖 over 6+ months
  • Be fit with the study devices: a microprocessor knee, powered knee, powered ankle/foot, and passive foot
  • Receive training to walk with all study devices
  • Perform functional outcome measures with all study devices

Who Can Participate

Participants must:

  • Have a transfemoral (above-the-knee) amputation on one side 
  • Have used a definitive prosthesis for the past 6+ months 
  • Be able to walk at least 50 meters with their prosthesis 
  • Be English speaking 
  • Weigh 250 pounds or less 

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Participants will receive compensation for each study visit.

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