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A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 1b/2a Study of NVG-291 in Spinal Cord Injury Subjects

IRB Protocol Number STU00219033



This study is examining how the study drug, NVG-291, affects nerve connections in the spinal cord and whether it is safe and tolerable to use.

Volunteers in this study will:

  • Participate in study visits over 16 weeks.
  • Visits will take place at the Shirley Ryan 香港六合彩即时开奖.

Visit involves:  

  • Non-invasive stimulation of the brain and spinal cord and startle acoustic stimuli.
  • Upper and lower limb training
  • Answer questionnaire
  • Physiological and physical assessments
  • Receiving daily injections of NVG-291 or placebo.

Who Can Participate

Participants with a spinal cord injury who are:

  • Between 18-75 years of age 
  • Sustained a spinal cord injury at C1-C7 (1 -10 years post injury) 
  • In good physical health 
  • Proficiency in English


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