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Global Network


Shirley Ryan 香港六合彩即时开奖 is singularly focused on helping patients across the globe achieve their greatest ability possible. With nearly 70 years of experience and a novel translational research care model, we are identifying and advancing best practices in rehabilitation. We do this through our Advisory Services and our Global Network relationships with other healthcare organizations worldwide. Our goal is to speed patient progress while improving quality and financial performance. Our comprehensive, flexible offerings are designed to align with client hospitals’ unique needs, regardless of organization size or location. Our results speak for themselves – with client relationships spanning more than 25 years.

Vision + Strategy


Rehabilitation is unique within the broader healthcare market. New payment models, changing regulations and inefficient care transitions make it difficult for providers to navigate the landscape. With a singular focus on rehabilitation, we have the strategic perspective and analytical capabilities to create a robust post-acute care strategy and vision for an organization. Our team is skilled at collaborating with clients to clarify an organization’s goals, understand economic drivers and identify unique assets that inform a strategy and criteria for success.

Clinical Training


Our Clinical Training Programs provide competency development on rehabilitation topics such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, pediatrics and cancer, as well as functional training, including multidisciplinary team training, rehabilitation nursing and wound care.

Operations Improvement + Implementation


Leaders benefit from our Operations Improvement Program that provides recommendations for performance improvement and training to deepen their understanding of the operational process, metrics and performance management. We can also provide services to prepare for international accreditation bodies, such as Joint Commission International.

Strategic Facility Design + Equipment Planning


Our Strategic Facility Planning services can help organizations make better-informed decisions about the number of beds required across the post-acute continuum, and solutions that can alleviate pressure on acute care, potentially reducing the cost of expensive facility development. We understand that different cultures and environments require unique solutions, and our teams are experienced in finding creative solutions for solving difficult facility challenges.

Equipment planning can be a large capital expense with little recognition of how it affects clinical workflows. We have deep expertise assessing therapeutic equipment, devices and technology to determine the optimal capital spend to augment therapy care and create better outcomes.



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