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Our inpatients have the ability to benefit from a variety of therapies — physical, occupational or speech-language — while ensuring their ongoing medical needs are met.

Getting Started Sooner at the Right Place Makes You Better Faster


Our research has shown that, following trauma, injury or a disease-related event, the sooner patients begin therapy, the more physical and cognitive ability they will gain.

What to expect as an inpatient?
Although each patient’s treatment plan is unique, inpatient rehabilitation generally includes daily activity, with a minimum of 3 hours of treatment in the specialty program aligning most closely with the source of your injury or condition. 

Frequency, intensity and duration of daily activity are determined by your care team and change as you progress.

We encourage family participation to maximize long-term outcomes.

Meeting your goals
Your inpatient care team will work with you to reach your goals and move forward — to your next level of care, your home, work or school — as soon as possible. 

Benefit immediately from research advances 
With our unique “translational” approach to therapy, we offer you the best chance for the best outcome. In our Ability Labs, doctors, researchers and therapists will apply (or "translate") research advances during therapy so that you can make the greatest recovery.

  • First step — You can begin your treatment at Shirley Ryan 香港六合彩即时开奖 either through a referral from your doctor or by contacting us directly. If your insurance requires your primary doctor's referral, we we can walk you through the process. It's your care, after all, and we'll team with you to make your rehabilitation journey positive, inspiring and satisfying.  
  • Continuum of care — Your inpatient care and treatment will also be designed to give you the very best foundation for ongoing recovery in a variety of settings — from outpatient therapy and DayRehab? to ongoing activities you can do at home or in a community setting (e.g., swimming, in-home exercises, yoga, participating in adaptive sports teams and peer groups).
  • Global Patient Services (GPS) — If you need to travel from another state or country to reach us, our GPS team will coordinate your trip and inpatient admission process. GPS will also assist with your housing, scheduling and other practical needs (e.g., interpreters, visa issues, etc.) so you can be free to focus on your recovery.

Top-quality Care Through Integrated Teamwork


You will partner with your doctor, rehabilitation team and family to develop your care plan.

We’re always here for you!
Whether you need inpatient, outpatient, DayRehab?, an expert second opinion, or information about community resources or peer groups, we are here for you. You don’t need to be a patient to use our LIFE Center resources or attend classes open to the community. 

Inpatient Conditions

Each patient's care is customized to fit their needs, and care plans are developed with the input of the patient, family, physician, and rehabilitation team. Here are a few of the most common conditions we treat.

Continuing Your Care

When you a ready to transition out of inpatient rehabilitation care, we offer comprehensive care programs to help you on your healing journey.

After inpatient discharge, patients continue intense guided therapy in DayRehab


Our DayRehabCenter? Program sets the standard for patients who no longer require hospitalization, but still need intensive, coordinated rehabilitation care.

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Our doctors work on speech and language skills with their patients


Our aphasia experts are investigating novel ways to treat aphasia through technological innovation, research studies, and unique therapeutic treatments.

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Our pain experts use minimal medication to help you manage your pain

Pain Management

We address chronic pain through our dedicated Pain Management Center as well as cases of acute or short-term pain in our outpatient and DayRehab pain programs.

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