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Spasticity has an enormous impact on quality of life. It is painful and affects physical function. It is one of the most debilitating and painful complications of cerebral palsy (CP), traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis (MS) or stroke.

The Pediatric Spasticity Management Clinic


The Pediatric Spasticity Management Clinic is exclusively for children and adolescents and is held once a month. We work in conjunction with medical specialists from Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. The Clinic includes experts in pediatric rehabilitation (MD/OD physiatrists), orthopedics and neurosurgery, along with pediatric physical therapists, occupational therapists and nursing. Through an interdisciplinary evaluation process, we consider all treatment options and integrate those that will maximize functional improvement for each child.

Treatments are tailored by individual and might include:

  • Pharmacology (Botox, Baclofen pumps)
  • Therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy)
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Wheelchair Seating & Positioning
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics

Spasticity in Adults


In treating adults, spasticity management is included in the overall services that our rehabilitation physiatrists (MDs/ODs) provide to patients with neurological diseases. Depending on the patient, they may also make referrals. The services we provide are also the same as those for pediatric patients, with the exception of nutrition counseling.

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Our Spasticity Clinic partners closely with other departments at 香港六合彩即时开奖 to ensure that customers get the best care possible. Here are just a few of areas the recognize the benefit of this facet of translational care.