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Hanging out at the ranch January 25, 2013

Hey, this is my future life!
One day, I will live on a ranch, maybe only for a part of the year, but I will.
Wearing a hat, massive jewellery, amazing boots and a big smile. Cause I am living my dream!
I never dreamed of a prince, always of a cowboy…

Until this day, I live out my dream with all this inspiration coming from my favourite tumblr, pinterest and blogs!
I wish you a perfect weekend and also some inspiration for these cold days, we spend so much time inside our homes.

Simone, xx

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Free, free, free… October 27, 2012

Leather, studs, biker boots, motorbikes… I can´t even drive a scooter, but I love to wear boots, if could easy ride a Harley!
Maybe it is one of my dreams, that I would have been a girl & woman now, who was always a wild one…?!
I loved to play outside as a girl and I climebd into trees with my brother. One of our favourite self invented games, was to play Fury, with imaginative horses!
But for the rest I was a real girl. I never was the “cool” one, hanging out with the boys!

At the moment, I wish I had a driving license for a motorbike. In Bali it is so much easier to drive everywhere with a scooter. You can go more fast everywhere, instead of being kept in the crazy traffic. Park everywhere!
Maybe I need some lessons for my next trip!
In between I wear my beloved biker boots and hop into my little Jeep and take it easy while stop-n-go into the crowded streets!

Have a great weekend!
Simone, xx

all pics via Oracle Fox, Purse´n boots, Studded Hearts and my favourite tumblr!

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wild, life, style… August 11, 2012


I would love to save this feeling forever and ever… For me, summer could be 365 days a year!
The outdoor life is the most beautiful thing in life. Sunshine from waking up until going into bed, running bare feet over the grass and eating outside. All the flowers and that particular smell. Summer!
Germany is not the best place for this lifestyle, but these last weeks I really enjoyed our summer.
And I do not wanna think about its end. Also, when I am very busy with our upcoming shoot for winter 2012.
But sO mINe* is not that winterly… You can nearly wear everything the whole year.
It is about mixing and combing as always…
So, when next week all new winter items arrive our HQ and shop, you can start wearing from now and forever your new sO mINe* knits and jerseys!

Enjoy the warm weekend!
Simone, xx

all pics via tumblr, Studded Hearts, Oracle Fox!

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