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Board of Directors



  • M. Jude Reyes, Chair
  • Daniel D. Dolan, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Michael P. Krasny, Vice Chair
  • Thomas A. Reynolds III, Vice Chair
  • Pablo Celnik, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nancy E. Paridy, President and Chief Administrative Officer; Secretary
  • Jonathan Tingstad, Treasurer




  • Wayne R. Andersen
  • William J. Cernugel
  • Robert O. Delaney, Jr.
  • Christopher L. Gust
  • Michael L. Keiser
  • James H. Litinsky
  • William E. Lowry, Jr.
  • Richard B. Murphy
  • Sharon L. O’Keefe
  • Sheli Z. Rosenberg
  • Shirley W. Ryan
  • Mark F. Stephan
  • Dan K. Webb
  • Linda S. Wolf

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